Request for Contract Exception or Cancellation

Students sometimes feel they may have extreme circumstances warranting an exception to the Board of Trustees residency policy. Please note such exceptions are quite rare as nearly all* student needs are reasonably accommodated on campus (*as defined by the University and based on the request for accommodation). The Housing Office, in an effort to provide a fair and unbiased review of requests, has assembled a peer review board to consider requests for exceptions to the residency requirement. Every few weeks a board composed of 5 student leader volunteers, pulled from a pool of up to 20 student leader volunteers, meets to consider written requests and make recommendations for outcomes. The written material presented by students requesting an appeal is stripped of any personally identifiable information and presented to the board for consideration. The board makes recommendations for outcomes to the Housing Office for final determination. The board and Housing Office may consult with appropriate University resources such as the Health Center, Financial Aid Office, Student Financial Services, etc. as necessary when making final a determination.

The request for an exception to the residency policy process is a student driven paper process meaning consideration is given to the written materials submitted by students. Please note that requests for exceptions to the residency requirement must be filed by the student. Students, regardless of age and funding source, are the contract holder with the university. In keeping with guidelines set forth in the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), responses will be provided only to the student making the request. We are sorry to say we are not able to accommodate in-person meetings or telephone conversations concerning this process. All decisions of the board are reviewed before responses are disseminated; because of this unbiased review by the board, the board's ability to reference and confer with appropriate campus resources on reasonable accommodation, and with a review of the board's recommended outcomes, all decisions of the appeals process are final. Once a decision is rendered, further request for appeal will not be considered.

To the right is an information guide for students considering a request for an exception. Downloadable forms used to request an exception to the policy are linked to each page.