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We are very pleased that you have made Ferris State University your college of choice. The education you receive from Ferris State will truly allow you to Imagine More throughout your life to come! What sets Ferris State apart from many other institutions of Higher Education is the holistic approach to learning; Ferris State recognizes that learning is not confined to the classroom. Experiences gained from living on campus augment the formal classroom instruction while at the same time providing a safe, comfortable living environment in which students learn, mature and reach the fullest of their potential. Living on campus allows students to fully immerse in the university experience. It is this full engagement with college that best prepares students for success at Ferris State and for the rest of their lives.

To help students reach their potential, it is the policy of Ferris State University's Board of Trustees that all single students living away from home reside in University residence halls.

Board of Trustees Policy
Part 4. Administration and Finance
Subpart 4-13
Student Housing

Sec. 4-1301. Provision of On-Campus Residential Housing

It is the intent of the University to provide on-campus residential housing for its student body, and to do so in a manner which will be adequate to meet the future enrollment growth of the University and in a manner that is as economical as reasonably possible.

Sec. 4-1302. Requirement that Students Live in University Residence Halls

Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, all single men and women students under the age of 20 living away from home are required to live in University Residence Halls if space is available.

Sec. 4-1303. Permission to Live Off-Campus

…The University's Department of Residential Life shall be responsible for administering the policies, procedures and criteria for permission to live off campus.

Students attending Ferris State University must live on campus unless they meet one of the following requirements for the Academic Year:

  • Have reached the age of 19 prior to September 1 or
  • Have lived in Ferris State University residence halls for two full academic semesters (Fall or Spring) or
  • Will live in the permanent home of parents and the home is within 50 road miles of the University.


On campus housing is arranged through the Housing Office. There are a variety of Housing Options available to meet students' interests and needs as outlined on the Housing web site.

Residence Halls and the Housing and Dining Contract

Students choosing to attend Ferris State and live in the residence halls must sign the Housing Contract and provide a $200 contract guarantee (please see Housing and Dining Contract for full details). It is important to note that the Housing and Dining Contract is a legally binding contract. Students are asked not to sign the contract until they are certain they are able to uphold all of its conditions.

Click here to continue to information about Requests for Contract Exceptions or Cancellations.