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Dining Dog


You will have the opportunity to select foods from each of the basic food groups at each meal. Dining Services offers nutrition and dietary counseling with our Registered Dietitian. An appointment can be set up with the Dietitian by contacting the Dining Services Administrative Office at extension 2210. Please bring any information on the diet prescribed by your doctor with you to your appointment.

Meal Period Conflicts

If you have classes that conflict with standard meal times, you can arrange to have take-out meals prepared for you by contacting your individual campus restaurant manager.

Meals for Ill Students

Take-out meals are available for students who are ill. A friend or roommate may obtain a take-out meal for the ill student by presenting your student ID and a meal pass, which can be obtained through the hall director, to the cashier at any campus restaurant.

Handicap Accessible

All Dining Centers are accessible to the physically challenged. In case of inclement weather, we will deliver meals to you residence if you are unable to make it to a dining center.