Eating Vegan and Vegetarian on Campus

The life of a college student is hard enough without having to worry about where to eat and whether the food is "eatable." As a vegan or vegetarian student it's more difficult to find food options that fit your lifestyle choices. Ferris State University Dining Services works to make these options readily available. With a wide variety of stations, both the Rock Café and Quad Café are great for students. We offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian soups, entreés, salads, sandwiches and much more for your dining pleasure. Students can also take advantage of the iPads located at the entrances to our dining facilities and further explore nutritional facts on offered menu items. Ask your host/hostess upon entrance for more details.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact a manager at the Rock Café, Quad Cafe or our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.