Faculty Staff Information

Thank you for your interest and attention to the counseling needs of our students. The counseling staff hopes that we can be helpful to you and your students. While most students are happy, and successfully perform their 'jobs' of increasing their knowledge base and acquiring skill sets, sometimes students' personal problems interfere with their ability to fulfill their learning roles.

Providing a resource to help them resolve problems is beneficial to the learning community because:

  1. It improves student attention, focus, and concentration, and it should also reduce tardiness and absenteeism.
  2. It improves ability to learn as attention is diverted away from problems.
  3. It improves student retention.
  4. It is a humane response to offer counseling when a student is struggling.
  5. Counseling is a resource that directly contributes to the University mission and to the student's goal of becoming a better and more independent learner (which is a shared goal with faculty).

There are several written resources here to help further your understanding of student mental health concerns and possible referral of these students to the Counseling Center. Our goals include helping your students to become better students. We desire to be user-friendly and accessible for students and faculty. Finally, we certainly don't want to increase your workload, in fact, we would like to offer our services to decrease that load.