Kaiya Hamilton They call me Queen,
not because of the shine on my crown
but because of how far down to Earth I am
because I give a damn about what so many don't
and I don't choke on my opinions,
underestimate my decisions,
or compromise my position,
because I am who I am
and that makes me happy.
They call me Queen because failure isn't always an option,
but sometimes friendship is a caution,
regardless of any situation
I don't allow my Integrity to be Auctioned,
because my worth costs a fortune.
Now I'm not the conceited type,
no, not arrogant in any light...
my confidence in the maker who made me,
permits me to hold my head higher than a certain degree
because I believe I can do anything
is why I am Queen.
And they gave me this title
because they realized I am a fighter
who fights for what she deserves
and this perception is not absurd
it's the minimum.
After all I’ve come from,
I have to move strong to make it to where I want to be.
They call me Queen because I persevere
with God's help I overcome any fear,
and because my purpose is clear
my Reign begins right here.
I am a woman of standard,
beyond any man's measure,
I know I can do better
which is why I don't settle.
Beauty can be devoured,
that's why I don't claim it as my power
because sometimes you have to have more than that
and if you don’t then what do you have?
What do you do when someone asks you a profound question,
and you can't answer it?
Or tells you to practice what you preach,
and you can't handle it?
See, people think that being Queen is
a simple little thing that comes easily.
But I say a true Queen is not make-believe.
There has to be something inside that gives you the drive to continue;
there has to be a unique quality to all you do
and a hope for success in what you pursue.
I honor God, respect people and love myself.
Within my works lies Faith and favor all above all else,
I love deeply, laugh freely, and enjoy
the best I can
because I know I only have one life so
I have to live for who I am.
My sexiness is not concealed
within my intelligence it is revealed.
I am strong in Spirit, compassionate at heart-
honey, my Journey is long and this is only the start.
I am a survivor, a champion, a challenger of dreams
and little by little I am changing the world.
That’s why they call me Queen.

Kaiya Hamilton
Former Ferris State University Homecoming Queen