What is Mandatory Reporting?

According to the Ferris State University Student Handbook...

When a sexual assault has occurred, it is essential for the safety and well being of the University community that the incident be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

The following, in addition to the University Department of Public Safety, have been designated as "Reporting Officials" for sexual assaults at the University: Director of Student Conduct, Director of Residential Programs and Services, Vice President of Student Affairs, Affirmative Action Director, Director of Student Leadership and Activities, Athletic Director, Academic Affairs Administrators and Deans, and the Vice-President of Administration and Finance (see the following list of contact telephone numbers for Reporting Officials). All coaches, advisors of student organizations, student center or extra-curricular activities, advisors or directors, all residence hall staff, and all employee supervisors are also Reporting Officials.

Reporting Officials are designated to receive sexual assault reports and are required to relate all such reports to the Department of Public Safety. Reporting Officials will inform victims of the importance of reporting the incident to the police and will assist victims who elect to report with contacting the proper authorities. Reporting Officials will also take steps to provide support services to the victim and preserve evidence of the assault.

In the event the victim is reluctant to report, Reporting Officials shall report the matter to the Department of Public Safety. Local law enforcement officials should also be contacted when the assault occurs off campus.

The University Department of Public Safety (DPS) takes every report of sexual assault seriously. DPS will actively investigate the assault and make available to the victim a variety of services located both at Ferris State University and in the community. It is the goal of DPS and other reporting officials to treat victims with courtesy, sensitivity, understanding, and professionalism.

Victims who wish to speak to someone who is not required to report are encouraged to find confidential counseling available on campus through the Counseling Center. Upon the victim's request, the Counseling Center may report the sexual assault as a crime statistic without identifying the victim.

DPS shall report all student perpetrators to the Office of Student Conduct. DPS shall make arrangements, to the best of their ability, to receive reports from all local law enforcement agencies regarding campus related sexual assaults.