2007-08 Diversity Successes and Challenges

Diversity Successes

Organized the second annual “Imagine More” Student Life Bus Tour. This year we canvassed the lower western portion of the state visiting, Muskegon Schools, Grand Rapids Schools, Kalamazoo Schools and Benton Harbor Schools. Please refer to the first bullet which describes the tour in detail, keeping in mind that this is a minority student recruitment initiative.

OMSS will be planning for the first time as part of its cultural event programming series, activities or programs to address GLBT issues and/or concerns on the main campus here at FSU. We are currently exploring program possibilities for this endeavor.

Diversity Challenges

Our department needs to find more creative ways to encourage minority students such as our Hispanic, American Indian, and Asian American students to utilize the department more and for them to understand more that the department is open as a resource to them. The office programs and extends itself as a resource to these ethnic groups but would like to see them utilize the office more.  

Our department, with the implementation of the GEAR UP program is challenged with maintaining the successful level of programming that we’re use to, considering the limited amount of resources. GEAR UP can be very time consuming on all levels of our department.

There is a challenge in our department in funding guest lecturers considering the rising cost of honorariums that they tend to charge and our operating budget not keeping pace with these rising costs.

A challenge is for our department creating and finding scholarships for minority students especially in the wake of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative or Proposal 2.