Multicultural Programming Council

The Multicultural Student Programming Council (MSPC) is a group of students that support the mission, programs and outreach efforts of the Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS). OMSS envisions students involved in the MSPC to be ambassadors who are positive, outgoing, creative and enthusiastic students who will heighten the importance of cultural awareness on our campus and increase participation of such programming.

More specifically, the purpose of the MSPC is to:

  • Strengthens intercultural communication and collaboration between Ferris multicultural registered student organizations
  • To serve as ambassadors for OMSS to various communities, organizations, committees and departments.

Advantages of Being apart of the MSPC:

MSPC Participation Expectations & Responsibilities
The expectations and responsibilities of Multicultural Student Programming Council (MSPC) members will include, but are not limited to the following

Qualifications to Become a part of the MSPC

Multicultural RSOs at Ferris State University

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