Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes
If you find it necessary to drop or withdraw from a class, you must call your regional office. Not attending a class or telling your instructor you no longer wish to take that class does not drop the class from your schedule.

Total withdrawals from the University (dropping all classes) must be completed through the Records Office. To begin the process, call toll-free (800) 433-7747 and ask for the Records Office or dial direct to (231) 591-2792.

Effective Fall 2010 semester, an updated University Academic Withdrawal Policy was been posted to the Ferris State University website. The policy explains how students may officially withdraw from all classes at the University, and further explains what constitutes an unofficial withdrawal and the ramifications of such determinations. The policy was updated to ensure compliance with Federal financial aid regulations and the ability to continue offering our students Federal financial assistance. Read the full policy here.

Note: If you do a total withdrawal from the University during fall or spring semesters, your matriculation is closed. When you return to the University, you will need to submit a new application for admission to provide up-to-date information for your student record.

There is no charge to be readmitted, however, you will need to meet current admissions criteria when re-applying. If readmitted, you will follow the newest academic catalog, policies and procedures.

Financial Aid Implications of Dropping or Withdrawing

If you receive financial aid, dropping or withdrawing from a course could affect your funding. Be sure to contact financial aid to check your status.