Grade Appeals, Incompletes, and Course Repeats

Appeal Your Grade in a Class

If you disagree with an assigned grade, you need to follow the appeal process. First, contact the instructor of the course and discuss it. If there is still disagreement, contact the department head of the offered course. Final appeal rests with the dean’s office that offered the course. The appeal process should be initiated as soon as possible, but no later than one year after the course was graded. Refer to the Retention of Student Work section for additional information.

Receiving an Incomplete

If you receive a grade of incomplete (I) in a course, it indicates that you have successfully completed 75% of the course requirements, and you should not re-register for the course. The grade of "I" is assigned for illness or other necessary absence, generally beyond the student's control, which prevents the completion of course requirements.

Incomplete grades that are not made up within the following semester are changed to grades of "F," unless a written authorization by the instructor requesting a time extension is received by the Records Office. Make sure to keep your copy of the incomplete grade form supplied by your

Repeating Courses

The repeat policy was changed effective Fall 2008 and should be reviewed. In part it states: A student may repeat a course previously taken up to three (3) times. For exceptions to this limitation a student may appeal to the Chairperson/Department Head of the department offering the course. Credit is given for a course only once, even though it can be repeated up to three times.

The grade received the last time the course is taken, excluding I, W, CR or NC, is the only grade used in computing your cumulative grade point average (GPA).