Secondary Teacher Certification and Endorsements

Ferris is authorized by the State of Michigan to recommend individuals for secondary provisional certification, interim occupational certificate, secondary professional certification, occupational education certificate, certificate renewals, and additional endorsements in FSU approved subject areas.

  • Secondary Provisional Certification
    The secondary provisional certificate is the initial certificate issued upon completion of an approved program. The holder of this certificate is eligible to teach grades 7–12 in their major and minor subject areas. If you are completing a Secondary Teacher Education bachelor's degree or if you currently hold a bachelor’s degree in a non-teaching field you will begin with this level of certification.
  • Interim Occupational Certificate
    The interim occupational certificate is the initial vocational certificate (not to be confused with “annual occupational authorization”). With this certificate you are eligible to teach grades 9–12 in the occupational major, in a reimbursed vocational program.
  • Certificate Renewal
    You may renew an expired teaching certificate by completing 10 semester hours in a planned program. A renewal is valid for three years. A second renewal can be obtained by completing the remaining 8 hours of the required 18 hour program plan for professional certification.
  • Additional Endorsements
    An additional endorsement may be completed in any of the major or minor FSU approved subject areas. You must have a valid teaching certificate to add a new endorsement.
  • Occupational Education Certificate
    This certificate is the next level of certificate following the interim occupational certificate. To obtain this certificate, you must: hold a interim occupational certificate, complete 10 semester hours in a occupational education planned program (may be part of the 18 hour program plan for secondary professional certification), and have taught successfully for three years in grades 9–12 in your occupational major.

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