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Solid reputation.
Quality education.
No matter where you are in life, you’re always moving
forward. Why not choose to make the most of your future
by preparing for a new or more satisfying career now?
The Ferris State University system of regional campuses
can provide you with a practical, affordable, applicable
education that will serve as a direct path
to a rewarding career in whatever field you choose.
Build your career on our
solid reputation
applied programs
Graduate from Ferris State
University and have the
knowledge, skills and
abilities to hit the ground
running. Employers value
our students because they
have the theory to support
their knowledge as well as
the practical skills and
real-world relevance
needed to be effective
in today’s workplace.
I had given in to being
a college drop out until a
friend encouraged me to go
back and consider teaching.
Ferris teaches a modern philosophy
of education. Professors expand
on content relating to
real-world experiences.
– Chad
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