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Big savings.
Less debt.
Ferris offers an affordable
education by partnering
with local community
colleges through
consortium agreements.
are students who apply for
entrance into degree programs at Ferris State University
and whose course work from other institutions is subject
to institutional and/or program transfer guidelines.
Transfer of credits requires a minimum of C grade to
receive institutional and/or program transfer credit.
are students who are
obtaining a Ferris degree by earning a portion of their
credits from a community college while simultaneously
taking Ferris classes. A consortium agreement exists
between the community college and Ferris State
University. Once students are admitted to an approved
off-campus program for which Ferris State University
has a consortium agreement, they become Ferris State
University consortium students. Consortium students
receive Ferris State University advising, benefit from
taking approved/articulated Ferris State University
courses, have Ferris State University as their financial aid
provider, yet pay tuition to the local community college
at the community college rate.
If you’re a consortium student, there
is a new policy that applies to you:
Ferris Consortium Transfer Policy
Once admitted into a statewide or online aid-eligible
off-campus/consortium program and each semester an
approved consortium form is on file, transfer
credits will be processed under the transfer consortium
policy as long as Ferris is the financial
aid provider or the student is not
receiving any financial aid. The
consortium transfer policy states that
Ferris-approved, articulated courses at
a community college must be subject to
the same set of academic and reporting
standards as on-campus students.
All Ferris-approved courses taken by
consortium students will be accepted
by the University, regardless of grade,
and will be used for federal financial
aid reporting and potential fulfillment
of academic degree requirements.
Whether or not the approved courses
fulfill academic program requirements is
dependent on University and academic
program standards.
For more information, go to:
Whether you’re a transfer student or
consortium student could affect how
your credits transfer. Regardless of
which one you are, you should process
your financial aid through Ferris.
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