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Now what?
Once your FAFSA has been received by the
federal processor, you may be selected for
verification. If selected, the verification process
must be completed before financial aid may be
offered to you. It is essential that all requested
documentation be submitted as quickly as
possible. Failure to provide requested
documentation in a timely manner could
result in a loss of some forms of aid
Get your documents together!
Approximately 33% of all Ferris students
who complete a FAFSA are randomly
selected by the federal processor
Once you have completed
the FAFSA and are admitted to
Ferris into a degree program:
The financial aid office will send your first
award notice via US mail to your permanent
address. Future award notices will then be sent
electronically to your MyFSU email address.
The award notice will include your budget, need
formula and the type and amount of each fund
being offered to you.
We recommend students access
their MyFSU email account on a regular
basis for any pertinent financial updates.
We recommended that you accept or reject each
type of aid within 21 days of receiving the offer
to prevent cancellation of the aid offer. If you are
unsure as to whether or not to accept or reject
a particular type of aid, contact the financial aid
office. For more information on accepting your
award notice, go to:
Be a good steward of your financial
aid resources. Accept only the amount of
aid you need. This will prevent you from
maxing out your yearly aid.
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