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Important Dates
Each semester, make sure you know where to find the
Important Dates
Go to:
> Important Dates
Fill in the important dates for your first semester.
Early registration opens _______________________________________
Late registration ______________________________________________
First day of classes ____________________________________________
Drop/Add week ______________________________________________
Last day to drop classes (for refund) _____________________________
Mid-term grades due __________________________________________
Last day to withdraw (full semester) _____________________________
Last day of classes ____________________________________________
Examination week begins ______________________________________
Examination week ends ________________________________________
Commencement ______________________________________________
Final grades available __________________________________________
50% of tuition due ____________________________________________
Textbook advance funding _____________________________________
25% of tuition due ____________________________________________
Last 25% of tuition due ________________________________________
If you are taking classes from your local community college,
check their academic guide for important dates!
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