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Concurrent Enrollment with the Community College
If your degree program requires you to take classes at the community college as
well as Ferris, you need to
also apply to your local CC
. We are partners, but remain
separate institutions with different processes. Check your community college’s
website for their admission requirements. Once you’re admitted to the CC, please
note that
you will have a different student ID in their system
. Your classes will likely
be offered on the same campus, but the CC academic calendar and registration
dates may differ
from Ferris’.
Your First Step: Online Orientation
The online orientation is designed to give you an individually tailored experience
that will provide you with tools and resources you’ll need on your academic journey.
Information provided is unique to your class location. Once your orientation is
complete, you’ll receive a certificate for a free Ferris T-shirt!
> Student Resources > New Student Orientation
Important Admissions Note!
Forget the paper!
Want to find the information online?
is our official website. Sections of this notebook contain
website paths to find the information you’re looking for. If you have any trouble
following the printed paths, or just want one easy spot to look, go to
. All of the links referred to in this document
can be found on this one webpage.
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