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Student Privacy
Student Privacy
As a student, your academic records are protected by the Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means that Ferris cannot release information from your
educational record without your written permission. If you would like to grant access
to additional parties, including your parents or spouse, please contact your regional
office to complete the Authorization to Release form.
Student Directory
“Student directory [public] information” includes name, address, telephone number, date
and place of birth, class, major field of study, dates of attendance, degrees and honors/
awards received, previous institutions attended, participation in officially recognized
sports and activities, and, if the student is an athlete, height and weight. The University
may release all or any of these student directory information items for any purpose at
its discretion. All students should carefully consider the consequences of the decision to
withhold the Ferris’ release of directory information items. Once this request is processed,
the University will not acknowledge to any third party, the existence of said student as an
enrolled individual on any of its campuses. Nor will the University notify said student that
it received a request for information from any third party. If said student decides to lift
the request for non-disclosure, he or she must notify the Record’s Office in writing of this
intent. Students with a break in enrollment must resubmit this paperwork each time they
re-apply if they wish to keep this confidentiality active.
If you wish to submit a “Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information” form, you
may find that in MyFSU under “Student Record Forms.” This request for non-disclosure
must be filed by the end of the first week of the Fall semester to assure information
will not be published in the student directory.
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