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Student resources
Student Resources
Undeclared Admission Status
This is how you move from “undeclared” admission status into an academic program:
Make sure you have current transcripts sent from all institutions you have attended.
Meet with your advisor to learn what you need to do to declare a major.
Once you have met those requirements, you and your advisor will need to
fill out a program change form.
Undeclared status means you are
not eligible
to receive financial aid. It also means your
program plan is not yet locked in. You are responsible for completing any changes to that
program that occur prior to being admitted.
Veterans Benefits
Ferris State University offers many educational benefits such as VA Grants and
Scholarships, Montgomery GI Bill and the various chapters/programs associated with
Veteran’s Administration. For more information regarding Veteran’s Educational benefits,
go to
and click the Ferris Links:
. Our Veteran Program
Specialist is available to assist you with questions about your educational benefits.
The Writing Center
The Writing Center provides a number of services for students off the main
campus including those in online and distance-learning classes. You can
contact the Writing Center via email (
) to ask questions
about writing. You may also send a paper and receive emailed feedback
from a tutor.*
You can visit their website to find information about writing and the Writing Center
and how to hone your writing skills with computer tutorials and worksheets.
Go to:
Ferris students get first priority in email tutoring. To let the Center know that you
attend Ferris, either email from a Ferris address or indicate in the subject line that you
are a Ferris student. Include in the body of your message your name, student number,
program/major, course, and instructor’s name.
*You should be aware that responses to emailed papers typically take several days.
Responses to long papers might take much longer.
Weather & Cancellations
Students should listen to local radio and watch local television to find out if the
community college or location where they attend class is closed. If the community
college is closed, Ferris classes at that location are canceled. Phone numbers are
available online at:
> Student Resources
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