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and thank you for choosing Ferris State University. We are excited to serve you
online or at one of our regional locations throughout Michigan.
We are confident you’ve made the right decision and will be pleased with the service of
our staff and quality of our academic instruction. When you complete your program,
you will be proud of your Ferris degree.
Before you take the next steps and enroll in your first class, let us
confirm that you’ve made the right choice. Here are the top reasons
to pursue your Ferris degree:
Your career will be built on our solid reputation of applied programs.
Graduate from Ferris State University and have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to “hit the ground
running.” Employers really appreciate that Ferris students not only have the theory to support their
knowledge, but the day-to-day skills and real-world relevance needed to be effective in today’s workplace.
You can take advantage of our community college partnerships and
save money on your degree.
Ferris State University has partnerships with the community colleges where we offer our bachelor’s
and associate degree classes, which allow our students to count both Ferris and the community college
classes in their financial aid. Ferris students can then access more aid than they could by attending the
community college alone. Ferris’ public university tuition rates combined with your local community
college tuition rate, allow you to earn a degree from a reputable university at a great price. Other local
colleges carry costly tuition rates and mask them with “scholarships.” This sounds great, but even after
the scholarships are applied, the tuition rates are still higher than Ferris’ and if you find their programs
aren’t for you, it’s possible the credits won’t transfer because their courses may not meet our standards
of quality.
You can transfer college credits from other schools.
Ferris accepts transfer credits from a variety of institutions, and will accept up to 90 credits into some
of our programs! In addition, credits can be earned through assessment of prior learning, CLEP exams,
and proficiency exams. Advisors will meet with you to evaluate other learning to determine whether
additional substitutions may be made.
You’ll learn from the experts.
Ferris hires faculty who are professionals in their fields to be our instructors. This brings real world
experience into your classrooms so you can learn from the best, and learn what’s relevant for your
chosen career.
You have access to answers and support locally.
ou can find most answers to your questions online whenever it’s convenient for you by visiting our
website at:
. If you need more support, we have staff at offices located
across the state who are available to answer your questions and guide you. You don’t need to travel
to the main campus for assistance. We’re available locally and excited to help you on your journey.
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