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Student resources
Student Resources
Parking is at a premium at most Ferris locations. Plan ahead and allow extra time the first
week of classes. More information can be found in the online orientation (see page 3).
Receiving an Incomplete
If you receive a grade of incomplete (I) in a course, it indicates that you have successfully
completed 75% of the course requirements, and you should not re-register for the course.
The grade of “I” is assigned for illness or other necessary absence, generally beyond the
student’s control, which prevents the completion of course requirements.
Incomplete grades that are not made up within the
following semester
are changed to
grades of “F,” unless a written authorization by the instructor requesting a time extension
is received by the Records Office. Make sure to keep your copy of the incomplete grade
form supplied by your instructor.
Student Software
As a Ferris student, you have access to several discounted Microsoft©, Adobe©, and
AutoCAD© products through the University’s Microsoft Licensing Agreement. For a
list of products and pricing information, visit
> Student
Resources > Tech Support & Software Purchases
Student IDs
You may obtain a Ferris Bulldog card for identification purposes. This card has your
student ID number on it and will help us identify your student records when assisting
you in the office. It is also required in order to charge textbooks to your student account at
a university bookstore. After you have registered for classes, go to your local office to get
your photo taken for your student ID. Grand Rapids students should go to Kendall College
of Art and Design for your ID.
It is important for you to
request updated transcripts
be sent to Ferris
each semester
from any other colleges you attend, including the community college. Not doing so may
delay or prohibit registration. Due to FERPA, a federal regulation designed to protect
your privacy, we cannot request those for you. Some classes have prerequisites. You will
not be allowed to register until those prerequisites have been fulfilled. Your updated
transcripts are proof you’ve taken them at another institution. Please send official
transcripts to: Admissions Office, 1201 S. State St., CSS 201, Big Rapids, MI 49307.
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