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Student resources
Student Resources
Graduation Information
All degree candidates are required to file a formal application for graduation
at the
beginning of the semester before you plan to graduate
. To be eligible for graduation,
you must meet the program grade point average requirements, as well as meet the
course and credit requirements specified for the selected curriculum, and the University’s
general education requirements. Ask your advisor when you should fill out the Graduation
Application online via MyFSU and the paper Graduation Clearance form.
Career Services
Career Services (resumé building, interview tips, placement, etc.) are available to all off-
campus students. Create your career profile on the Bulldog CareerLink to create and upload
your resumé, look for job fairs or internships, and even do a simulated online interview to
practice your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
Health Insurance
Ferris State University offers a health insurance plan for students and their families. Contact
the Birkam Health Center at (231) 591-2614 for a brochure and application regarding the
Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.
Library Resources
A full range of online library services are available through Ferris State University’s
FLITE (Ferris Library for Information, Technology, and Education). Visit the library webpage
or through MyFSU for information about accessing
sources from off-campus. If you need help with research or have questions about using
the library, please call the FLITE Reference Desk at (231)591-3602 or visit:
InterLibrary Loan for Distance Education Procedures:
for information on this service
available to Ferris students.
Michigan Works!
If you are returning to school through a program with Michigan Works!, visit this
webpage for links to more information and answers to frequently asked questions.
Student Code of Conduct
For the complete Ferris student handbook and more information about the
Code of Student Community Standards, go to
, click on Current Students
at the bottom and then on Student Code under Student Life.
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