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How To...
How To...
Register for Classes
Before registration opens, log on to MyFSU to check your registration status.
This will tell you if you will be clear to register and the date you may register. To register
for classes, go to
and click on the bottom right MyFSU link. Log
on using your computing ID and password. Click on the Academics & Services tab. There is a
Registration box on this tab where you can add or drop a class and view your class schedule.
Click on Add or Drop. During open registration periods, there will be a drop down menu to
select your semester. Follow the menu prompts to find the course(s) you desire. Pay careful
attention to the campus where the class is offered. You can search for classes based on day
offerings, campus offerings and more. If you get a message and the system won’t let you
register, you may have a hold on your account. Contact your regional office if you need
assistance with your registration. (You will not be able to register for an online course
until you complete the “Online Learning Tutorial.” See page 14.) Be sure to check MyFSU
before going to class to verify your room, day and time of class. Occasionally, these can
change from the original schedule during the registration period.
Request Your Transcripts
Order an official transcript online. Visit
and click on MyFSU.
On the login screen, click on Order Official Transcripts Online. Unofficial transcripts can
be accessed through MyFSU.
Change Your Address
To change your address or phone number you can send an email using your MyFSU email
account to
and they will make the changes.
Please include your name and student number in the email.
Change Your Name
To request a name change, you are required to supply legal documentation (i.e. copy of
marriage license, adoption papers, court papers) for a legal name change. If you are
applying for financial aid, a copy of your new social security card reflecting the new name
will also be required. This documentation should be submitted to the Office of Admissions
and Records in Big Rapids with a signed letter or signed name change request form.
No documentation is required for spelling errors if the correct spelling can be verified
with information in your student file. Log on to
MyFSU > Academics & Services >
Student Records > Student Record Forms - Name Change
Change Your Major
If you applied to the wrong program and were admitted, or need to change from “undeclared”
to a major program, you will need to meet with your new program’s advisor. Your advisor will
make sure you are on the most direct path to your career goals. Also, they will make sure you
meet the program admission requirements. If you’re unsure what those are, see your advisor
or go to
> Programs > Degree Level > Program Name
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