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Online Classes
Taking an Online or Mixed Delivery Class?
Register early – online classes fill up fast!
Get Ready For Class!
Before enrolling in an online course, you should first assess your readiness for stepping
into the online learning environment. Spend some time thinking about yourself as a learner
and see whether your characteristics would help you be a successful online learner. Take
the self-survey, “Is Online Learning Right for Me,” at
Before you can register for an online class, you must first successfully complete the
“Online Learning Tutorial” and quiz. You can find this at
You may also want to make sure your computer has the correct versions of JAVA and
that your browser will work correctly in our online environment. To find out more, go to:
Sign into MyFSU and FerrisConnect
your class is scheduled to begin
to see if your instructor has posted
pre-class assignments
Log on to MyFSU >
Click on
icon in top right corner
Familiarize yourself with information available in FerrisConnect:
Any pre-class assignments
Textbook and material lists
Complete any pre-class assignments
so you are
ready for the first session.
Log in to your class on the first day of the semester
unless otherwise instructed.
Online vs. Mixed Delivery
Online courses
are just that – 100% online delivered through FerrisConnect. Some fully
online courses do have a synchronous meeting time, but it can be done remotely (from
your home or another location). Check the course information and class syllabus to see
if there are any meeting times scheduled.
Mixed Delivery Courses
are delivered online through FerrisConnect but also require
some class time face-to-face. How much time is required varies per class.
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