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Payment Plans,
Payment Information
Payment Using E-Bill
You can view your bill and make a payment at any time online through
E-Bill on MyFSU. No paper bill will be mailed.
Go online through MyFSU to make your payment with Discover, Visa,
American Express, MasterCard, or e-check.
MyFSU > Academics and Services > Timme Center for Student Services > E-Bill Pay On-line
Ferris has four payment options:
Pay Tuition in Full
Pay 100% of your tuition bill by the first due date, and no additional fees or service
charges are applied to your account.
Deferred Payment Plans ($30 fee)
If you are not taking financial aid or your financial aid isn’t going to cover your entire
bill, Ferris has several payment plan options available. For more information or to enroll
in a payment plan, go to:
MyFSU > Academics & Services > E-Bill Pay Online/Check Student Account > Payment Plans
Note: There is a 2% late fee added to any past due balances. Your classes
may be dropped
for non-payment. If your classes are dropped, there is a $100 late fee to re-register.
Employer Tuition Reimbursement (ETR) ($35 fee)
Does your employer offer tuition reimbursement? Our ETR program allows you to defer
any portion of tuition your employer pays towards your education. You have 30 days
after the end of the semester to pay your tuition balance.
Note: Your financial aid award may affect your eligibility.
For more information, visit
> Tuition & Aid > Employer Tuition Reimbursement
Contact the student services department in Grand Rapids at (616) 451-4777
or (800) 998-3425 or
Third Party Billing
With appropriate authorization, third parties, such as employers, can be billed
directly. Amounts billed to third parties (including approved financial aid) are
immediately deducted from student accounts. If your employer will pay the
institution directly (regardless of your final grades), our preferred method is
through Third Party Billing.
Contact the Business Office for more information:
(231) 591-3969 or (800) 4-FERRIS and ask for the Business Office.
You should pay your tuition electronically via E-Bill. This process is
more efficient and allows for information to remain confidential.
It also is the only way to pay by credit card.
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