Distinguished Staff Award: 2011


Bill Bitzinger

Photo Services Coordinator
University Advancement and Marketing

Bill "sees and not just looks" at some incredible opportunities every day, visually documenting the history of the university. Recognized for his positive approach, enthusiasm and energy, he continues to bring fresh, new opportunities into all that he does. By interacting with amazing people and their stories, he helps to illustrate the multi-layered experiences of the open-learning environment. As photographic technology has advanced, Bill has successfully moved the photographic services of the university from film-based to digital-based photography. His personal mission is to be a visual storyteller by putting a human face on the Ferris State University experiences of students, faculty, and staff and to be thankful for that opportunity.

Debra Cox

Department Head
Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services

Deb is the classic Ferris story, having moved through various faculty, counseling, and now, administrative roles. Her priority continues to be for the students, often taking on the most challenging cases. Her representation on various campus committees has led to several policy change initiatives for students with disabilities as well as enhanced services to students focused on career-making decisions. Her energy level and fine representation of Ferris are well known to colleagues both on and off campus. Described as an excellent and valued colleague, she works, almost invisibly and without ego, to make the institution a better place. Her expertise extends into her efforts as a master gardener, in Toastmaster's, and with St. Paul's Catholic Parish.

Cheryl Kondziolk

Account Clerk
College of Arts and Sciences

Cheryl's positive attitude and helpful manner shine through her friendly smile. Her love of education is shown from the genuine care she has for students to her own personal goal of attaining her bachelor's degree. Described as an "out of the box" thinker, she is considered a tremendous asset to the university as she handles her college's budget with skill and professionalism. Cheryl's work with the Ferris Pride Committee and the United Way campaign demonstrate her value of team spirit within the University. Her dedication to St. Mary's Church and School is evident in having co-chaired major fundraising events as well as coaching their volleyball teams.

Pam Muccio

Laboratory Technician
Physical Sciences Department

Described as the "behind the scenes" person who makes things run smoothly in her department, Pam's professional yet friendly manner is applauded. She works proactively to keep the safety of all involved her priority. She strives to provide a safe environment and positive educational experience for all involved. Her joy in working with students is admired in her cheerful attitude and the cherished friendships she develops with them. Pam is active in the local community through her long-standing membership in the General Federation of Women's Club, having been selected Clubwoman of the Year, as well as her volunteer service to her church.

Debra Warwick

University Supervisor: Field Placement
College of Education and Human Services

Deb's simple rule of always putting students first is applauded as she consistently goes to any length to help students successfully transition into teachers. Her ability to develop outstanding collaborations with students, faculty and administrators is admired. Her positive outlook in her work and enthusiasm for her students is contagious as she excels at lifting the spirits of those around her. Beloved by her colleagues, Deb is described as the "Grand Rapids Office Mom" and the person you want on your team. She is recognized as an active member of her community and volunteers for a number of charities that include the White Pine Trails Patrol, Relay for Life, Michigan Special Olympics, and the Riley McKenzie Fund.