Distinguished Team Award: 2003

Custodial Work Order Process Committee

Team members: Diane Johnson, Chair, Kay Anderson, William Carpenter, Abdollah Ferdowsi, Will Gasper, Thomas Jackson, Jerena Keys, LouAnn Kirkpatrick, Fonda Kuzee, Jackie Perrin, Denise Wild, Sandra Werner, Lynn Winans, and Carla Worth.

The Custodial Work Order Process Committee investigated and established the use of technology to create a computerized custodial supply ordering system. In addition, it developed an innovative teaching and learning program for the custodial staff and other stakeholders in order to use the system. In this regard, the committee developed opportunities for custodians to meet their customers, established an electronic method to allow stakeholders to communicate their needs to the custodians, provided computer training for custodial staff and developed an electronic order system. This cross-divisional committee demonstrated that it is a Ferris State University Distinguished Team by effectively accomplishing its goal of re-engineering the supply order process through the use of technology, empowering employees, and developing a continual communication flow with stakeholders. Congratulations!

FSU History Commemoration Task Force and W.N. Ferris' 150th Birthday Subcommittee

Team members: Harry Dempsey, Chair, Jennifer Ditto, Gary Huey, Dan Hurley, William Keller, Beth Krueger, Mary Kay MacIver, R. Larry Martin, Melinda McMartin, Barry Mehler, Todd Price, Sheila Squicciarini, Steve Stillwell, Patty Terryn, Kristine Szot-Green, and Jim Wessell.

This team's central purpose is to preserve and promote the Ferris mission by commemorating the unique history of the institution and its founder by establishing and maintaining a campus presence and awareness of the Ferris legacy. This was accomplished by creating a ten-year plan for the establishment of that historical presence on campus, through the display of the University's historical artifacts and through the observance of significant dates and anniversaries, such as Woodbridge Ferris' 150th Birthday celebration. This diverse committee, comprised of University faculty, staff, emeriti, and local community members, is to be commended for creating a visible record of the words and philosophy of Woodbridge Ferris and a tangible presence of the vision he had for his institution. Congratulations on your accomplishments!