Dear FSU:

Q.   Briefly, is there a difference between the "Professional" version of the CD-Rom "Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy: Courseware for Eye Care Doctor/Professional" and the "Student" version? Both are available through on the MBS Direct web site through different links. I understand that the two are distinct due to the pricing, but is the content different at all? If so, how?

, CA

A.   The student and doctor/professional versions are the exact same product. They are presented as two different products on the MBS Direct web site in order to accommodate the special student pricing. Special pricing is now being offered to students who are currently enrolled in a school of optometry.

Q.   Does the CD-ROM contain an atlas of retinal conditions to help learning? How many pathological pictures does it have?


A.   The CD-ROM is primarily intended for instruction in the instrumentation and techniques for successful utilization of the BIO. We designed it for the optometric student, or ophthalmology resident who is beginning to learn binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy, as well as for professionals who may want to learn the instrument, or improve their skills with the instrument because they never received formal training in school on it. It was not designed to be a clinical atlas of eye disease or to train people to identify abnormal conditions. It DOES however cover normal anatomical landmarks within the fundus, provides interactive practice interpreting the inverted image as seen through the BIO, and does include two motion video clips which show the dynamic view of a retinal hole with scleral indentation. There are fully illustrated step-wise instructions in instrument set-up and use, with many full-color photos and audio narration.

Q.   I am an ophthalmology resident in training in India and have been struggling with an indirect ophthalmoscope for the past few months. After many frustrating attempts at searching for a good text that would help me learn I turned to the internet and  found an advertisement for the CD-ROM you have developed. In India, few ophthalmologists use the indirect scope and none of my teachers are able to help me in learning the use of the instrument nor are they any courses in India that could teach me. I have asked around if your CD-ROM is available in India but unfortunately it is not. Can you please help me get a copy of your CD ROM course?


A.   Thank you for your inquiry. Our distributor, MBS Direct (, is able to ship to international addresses. Click on the link above to go to the Ferris-MCO main page. At that page, click Continue and you will see the link for Doctor/Institutional purchase. Click on that link to fill out the order form. They accept major credit cards for the USD $69.95 purchase price. They will ship to international addresses, but the shipping cost will not be able to be specified automatically by their order taking system. You may get a second charge on your card for the shipping after that has been determined. That is probably the easiest way to order it. If you want to try ordering it over the phone their number is 800-325-3252, and they have an option #3 on their answering system to speak with an operator specifically for ordering our CD. 

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