Ice Mountain could not have made a better choice than in choosing to partner with CPD during our critical first year of operation. The staff provided outstanding support and direction in coordinating our extensive employee-training curriculum and daily “attention to detail.”

David Schmidt – Operations Manager, Ice Mountain, Nestle Waters North America

We have used CPD for training in the past for a number of other types of training. Recently we had CPD do a nine-hour workshop for our employees on Lean Manufacturing; the training material, the training, and how the questions were answered was nothing short of first class.

Michael R Guy – Mark IV

For the last three years it has been my pleasure to work with CPD and the College of Education and Human Services of Ferris State University. The DACUM process, as developed by FSU, utilized UA journeyworkers as the “content experts” and FSU as the “test construction experts.” This partnership has allowed the United Association to produce a statistically valid, third party certification program unequaled within the skilled trades.

Steve H Allen, Assistant Director of Training, United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters, Sprinklefitters, and HVACR Service Technicians.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has used CPD for a wide range of training including electrical, hydraulics, welding, air conditioning, and truck motor vehicle regulations. Knowledgeable instructors, who present the material in an easy-to-follow format, covered the subjects in detail. I personally have gone through the Truck Motor Vehicle Regulations class and would recommend it for supervisors, service technicians, and operators. It was very informative and opened my eyes to aspects of the regulations that were confusing before.

Jeff Turner – Equipment & Heavy Truck Coordinator, Automotive & Equipment Fleet Administration, MDOT

The Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS) is one of the top meter schools in the United States. Each meter school throughout the United States is associated with a University – such as the Texas Meter School is associated with Texas A&M,. Ferris State University’s Corporate and Professional Development office has helped develop the school from the beginning and has helped GLEMS grow over the last 14 years. CPD handles all the promotions, registration, finances, and daily operation of the school. The Steering Committee is only concerned with developing courses and instructors to teach the various courses. Once developed, Ferris has given CEU credits for the various courses. This turn key system has developed a long lasting relationship between the Steering Committee members and the CPD staff at Ferris State University.

James L Andrews – Chairman, American Electric Power