Summer 2017 Parking

Public Safety will continue to enforce normal parking regulations from 6 am – 5 pm, Monday Through Friday, during the summer. 

Guests and visitors to campus will still need to obtain a free parking pass to park on campus during the day.

However, due to the reduced volume of cars parking on campus in the summer, Public Safety does allow exceptions from the normal parking regulations:

From May 1 to Aug. 20, the following parking exceptions will be allowed:

  • Students with a current valid parking permit may park in any Residential or Commuter lot regardless of the type of permit they have.
  • Apartment students may park in Residential or Commuter lots during the day.
  • Faculty/Staff who display a valid parking permit are allowed to bring trailers on campus as long as they park legally and take up no more than two spaces.
  • Faculty/Staff working between 5 pm and 6 am, displaying a valid parking permit, may park in any lot or maintenance only space.  Parking will not be allowed in fire lanes, handicap spaces or any space signed for a specific purpose or time frame.
  • Vehicles with a valid parking permit may park overnight in any lot with the exception of Apartment lots, which require a valid Apartment permit.
  • All Student and Faculty/Staff parking permits expire in August.  A notice will be sent when new permits become available.

Please contact Public Safety at 231-591-5000 with any questions or e-mail us at We are open 24/7/365.