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You will need to have consistent access to a computer with online capabilities. Internet connection speeds will affect the amount of information and the rate that information may be accessed over the internet. If you connect to the internet from home over a dial-up connection, the download rate for accessing documents in your online course will be significantly slower than over a broadband connection. If your online course includes accessing video or audio files, or downloading Powerpoint files, there will be a wait of several seconds to several minutes before you can view the material.

We recommend cable/broadband internet with a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps. Higher bandwidth and speed will greatly assist you in your online learning environment, so where possible, a faster internet speed is recommended. Cable internet or T1 lines tend to be faster than DSL or 4G wireless, although DSL or 4G wireless may also work depending on other factors. Your computer, other software (such as anti spyware), other users on the system, and system configurations can all influence your ultimate line speed. Many instructors use videos as a part of their instruction, as well as synchronous meeting times (Skype, Adobe Connect, etc). Having an acceptable internet connection speed will be important to your success.

To test your current line speed, click on this test: www.speakeasy.net/speedtest

If you are experiencing issues and do not believe it is the line speed itself, please contact the Technical Assistance Center.

If available in your area, we strongly urge you to have a satellite, DSL, or cable modem connection. Some courses/programs are not functionally feasible to take with a dial-up connection; so please be aware that if you do not have access to a high speed internet connection, an online course may not be a good option for you.


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