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State Authorization for Online Programs

The Higher Education Act of 1965 includes language which stipulates that universities must seek individual state approval prior to offering education to residents of that state, whether online or through local offerings.

Not all states enable their residents to take online programs from univerisities in other states. In some cases students can enroll in online programs but internships or other residential portions of those programs cannot be within their state of residence.

Ferris State University has already sought and obtained approval from some states which allows us to offer our online programs to many students residing outside of Michigan. If you are intending to apply for an online program and live outside of Michigan, you can check on any restrictions on residents from your state by contacting us at FerrisOnline@ferris.edu or at (800) 562-9130.

Complaint Process

Ferris State University makes every effort to provide high quality education in our online programs. Ferris State also has established policies and procedures to assist students in resolving concerns or issues they may encounter. These policies and appeal processes are listed in the Student Code of Community Standards, found here: ferris.edu/HTMLS/administration/studentaffairs/studenthandbook

If you are unable to resolve your issue after following those procedures, you may choose to file a complaint with your state's Department of Education. This website provides a search feature to find the Department of Education office for your state: www2.ed.gov/about/contacts/state

Online Students Living in Georgia:  Georgia residents may also follow the complaint process posted on the Non-Public Postsecondary Education Commission (NPEC) of Georgia's website found at: www.gnpec.org.



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