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Research, Surveys, External Links

Ferris has been active in online learning for years, but it is an area of continued study and research, not only at Ferris but throughout the nation.  Below are some of the recent projects and reports coming out of this research.

Ferris Surveys & Reports

Fall 2015 Online at a Glance

201505 Online At a Glance

Summer 2014 - Spring 2015 Annual Trends Report - Ferris Online

2013 Initial (DRAFT) Review of Course Comparisons for ENGL3xx courses (online vs. f2f)

December 2011: - Sandra Kay Brigance - Leadership in Online Learning in Higher Education:  why Instructional Designers for Online Learning Should Lead the Way

September 2011:  Mischelle Taylor Stone and Suzanne Perumean-Chaney - The Benefits of Online Teaching for Traditional Classroom Pedagogy:  A Case Study for Improving Face-To-Face Instruction

March 2011 Survey of Online Faculty

Presentation on Summer 2013 Survey of Online Faculty on Readiness efforts

Spring 2010 Survey of Online Faculty

2009 Comparative Study of 22 Online Higher Education Providers


External Reports and Links (for internal use only)

December 2013: Neil Butcher and Merridy Wilson-Strydom - A Guide to Quality in Online Learning (Academic Partnerships)

October 2013:  Susan Aldridge, David Clinefelter, and Andrew Magda - Online Learning at Public Universities: Building a New Path to a College Degree (Learning House and AASCU)

August 2013:  Elizabeth Poster, Mary Mancini, and Darab Ganji - MOOCs and More (Academic Partnerships)

September 2013:  Sir John Daniel - Making Sense of MOOCs (Academic Partnerships)

May 2013:  The Digital Campus (Chronicle of Higher Education report)



November 2008:  Kathryn Ley presentation to SLOAN-C: Faculty Development to Meet the Online/Blended Teaching Time and Effort Challenges

November 2008:  Kathryn Ley:  Handout on Options for Implementation to Meet the Challenges