The Silk Road Acrobatics to Perform in Williams Auditorium, Feb. 14

The Silk Road Acrobatics is coming to Ferris State University on Friday, Feb. 14 to perform at Williams Auditorium at 7p.m.

The Silk Road Acrobats, from China, were founded in 2004 as a source for high-quality, authentic and affordable cultural entertainment. This special kind of acrobatics focuses on artists performing acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. The performers climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines, and solely rely on their training and skills to ensure their safety.

Performances may also include hoop diving, plate spinning, candelabra contortion, happy chef, hula hoop contortion, straw hat juggling, handkerchief spinning and pole diving. This specific performance is a fusion of traditional acrobatics and modern dance. The music is a blend of hard/soft, exciting/calm and strong/weak – which will contribute to their interpretation of the Chinese culture.

The show is expected to incorporate a roller coaster of emotions and is encased with high energy tinged with danger and packed full of action that attendees will not soon forget.

The Silk Road Acrobatics performance is open to students as well as the public. General admission tickets are $7, $5 for students and senior citizens, at the door or online at

Season tickets may also be purchased as well for $22, $15 for students and senior citizens and must be purchased by Sunday, Oct. 6.

For more information, visit the University events calendar:

Last updated: 02-10-2014