Hanson Takes Presidency of Entertainment Unlimited for 2012-13

Melissa HansonLooking ahead to Fall 2012, future Ferris State University leaders are already taking on new campus positions.

Melissa Hanson, a junior majoring in Accounting, will serve as 2012-13 president of Entertainment Unlimited, the campus programming board. Her position, active immediately, includes overseeing 11 other student executive board members and more than 30 general assembly members. Entertainment Unlimited provides free entertainment and activities for Ferris students and the Big Rapids community.

“Melissa was chosen because she’s been really involved with EU,” said Allissa Witucki, EU advisor and interim director of Student Leadership and Activities.  “I think she has really good communication and collaboration skills. She always takes other people’s opinions into consideration and is always looking to collaborate with other organizations and departments on campus.

“She stepped up and took the programming coordinator position and stepped up to be vice president of programming. I think it’s only fair that she becomes president.”

Hanson began her Entertainment Unlimited journey as a freshman in 2009 as part of the general assembly. She served as programming coordinator in 2010-11 and as vice president of programming in 2011-12. In her newest leadership role, Hanson will oversee students who plan and execute events such as performances by comedians, hypnotists and musicians, novelties and more.

“I wanted to continue growing in Entertainment Unlimited,” said Hanson, of Pinckney. “I’ve been in EU since I was a freshman, and I am really passionate for it, because I like what we do for the university.”

One of the goals Hanson hopes to achieve is including the general assembly more. Since EU has become a part of the Rules of Appropriate Allocation of Student Government, the $100,000 allocated to the organization each year will limit the number of events EU has been known to provide. Hanson expects EU will provide high-caliber events throughout the semester, instead of weekly events.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of new members we have next year and how the community responds to the new budget,” Hanson said. “We will provide quality over quantity, and I am interested in the feedback.”

Witucki said the new budget will give EU and other organizations a chance to collaborate more and “will help spread the load a little bit,” so other organizations can provide educational and entertaining programming.

“This gives other groups the opportunity to have us help them with other programs and events,” Witucki said. “I think it helps the students become more involved and helps them network with other students.”

Students who get involved with EU can make a difference on campus in a fun way through event planning, Hanson said. Students learn skills “that the classroom doesn’t teach you,” she explained.

EU executive board members include:

President: Melissa Hanson, of Pinckney

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Katie LaPrairie, of Omer

Vice President of Programming: Elizabeth Fabode, of Chesterfield

Programming Coordinator: Adam Donaghy, of Midland

Programming Coordinator: Jennifer Hager, of Stevensville

Communication and Co-Sponsorship Coordinator: Shauna Kovach, of Port Huron

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator: Brittany Hines, of Saginaw

Graphic Design Coordinator: Derek Brouwer, of Hamilton

Publicity Coordinator: Megan Squanda, of Saginaw

Special Events Coordinator: Nicole Finch, of Forest Hills

Finance Coordinator: Tyler Tichvon, of Portland

The advisers for EU are Witucki and Teresa Fogel, student activities specialist.

To learn more about the campus programming board, visit http://www.facebook.com/ferriseu. Time and location of EU meetings will be announced early next year.

Entertainment Unlimited events are made possible by the Finance Division of Student Government.

Last updated: 07-24-2012