Author Edge Comes to Big Rapids for Festival of the Arts

Raymond EdgeRaymond Edge, novelist and author of several textbooks on healthcare ethics and law, will visit Big Rapids Friday, Feb. 11 to discuss writing.

Edge will speak at Great Lakes Book and Supply at 11 a.m. in an event that is free and open to the public as part of Festival of the Arts. Bruce Dilg, chair of the Festival of the Arts Executive Board, felt that Edge is someone who will inspire students and other hopeful writers.

“Many students have aspirations to write but don’t even know how to start,” said Dilg, a professor in Architectural Technology and Facility Management. “Listening to someone who has been published has inspired many to bring their thoughts out of their heads and get them on paper.”

Dilg believes that the accomplishments of successful writers have influenced the Ferris community for the better.

Since his retirement, Edge’s personal passion for regional history and culture has continued in the first two books of his fiction series, “Flight of the Piasa” and “Witches of Cahokia.”

Festival of the Arts organizers hope Edge’s passion will resonate with Ferris State University students as well as with members of the Big Rapids community.

“Every time we have had an author, students and the community members who attend seem to come away with some of their own internal barriers removed,” Dilg said.

Randy Groves, a Ferris Humanities professor, is a personal friend of Edge. Groves and Edge collaborated on a medical ethics textbook titled the “Ethics of Health Care: A Guide for Clinical Practice.”

“I think it is great that Ferris is bringing him. He has written quite a bit over the years, including some novels. He is a very impressive and very pleasant person,” Groves said.

Long-time Ferris employee Dale Hobart recommended Edge to Dilg. Hobart said he thought Edge would make a good addition to the Festival.

Edge currently resides in Montgomery City, Mo. with his wife, Marilyn, and family, with their llamas, hair sheep and other gentle creatures.

28 January, 2011