Mentalist Craig Karges to Entertain at Ferris

zThe new school year is off and running and Ferris State University is set to welcome one of the college circuit’s top-rated entertainers to campus.

Mentalist Craig Karges, who has been voted one of the top college entertainers on different occasions, plans to use his blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition to keep crowds enthusiastic on Thursday, Sept. 1 during an 8 p.m. performance in Ferris’ Williams Auditorium.

Karges will engage students, faculty, staff and community members who visit Williams for his performance on Thursday as he challenges people to question what is real and what is perhaps not so real as well as what is possible and what is impossible.

This event is sponsored by the Ferris student organization Entertainment Unlimited. For more information, call (231) 286-4236 or email Angie Walukonis at

Learn more about Craig Karges by visiting his website: