Campus Gears Up For Public Health Week Activities

pictureThe second annual Ferris State University Public Health Week is set for April 4 through April 8, with a goal to inform the community of preventable injuries.

The week of activities and presentations will take place in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The events are free and open to the public.

“Public Health Week is designed to draw attention to the issues in population health that are either preventable or treatable by using the resources of education and emphasizing personal responsibility for being healthy,” said Ziggy Kozicki, a College of Allied Health Sciences professor and head of the Public Health Week activities.

This year’s theme is focused on how to prevent different types of injuries. Themes throughout the week will include: Pedestrian and Vehicular Accidents (April 4), Head Injury Prevention (April 5), Public Health Agency and Student Poster Day (April 6), Alcohol Related Injury Prevention (April 7), and Suicide and Violence Prevention (April 8).

“Students can take advantage of the information that is being provided and use it to avoid illness or death,” Kozicki said.

He is proud to share his time and knowledge with the faculty, staff and students at Ferris and hopes lives may be improved with the help of the week-long series of events. The preventable injuries that will be discussed were chosen because they are likely causes of injuries for college students.

“If one person learns how to prevent suicides, they may be instrumental in helping others prevent one. This is a potential start for networking the message we are sharing. It’s a steady process, and we are gaining ground,” Kozicki said.

Among the organizations that will assist in Public Health Week activities are: the Department of Public Safety, College of Allied Health Sciences, the Panhellenic Council, College of Optometry, the University Counseling Center, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and WISE.

Public Health Week is sponsored by the College of Allied Health Sciences, Student Government, Mecosta Public Health and more. Posters and informational booths will be on display throughout the week.

Ferris State University Public Health Week

April 4: Monday is Pedestrian and Vehicular Accident Awareness Day

April 5: Tuesday is Head Injury Prevention Day

April 6: Wednesday is Public Health Agency and Student Poster Day

April 7: Thursday is Alcohol Related Injury Prevention Day

April 8: Friday is Suicide and Violence Prevention Day

For more information contact Ziggy Kozicki at

View Kozicki’s appearance on the Ferris State Live television show, here.

01 April, 2011