Manually Updating Virus Definitions

New viruses are found all the time, so the virus definition file on your PC needs to be updated on a regular basis. Most computers are set up to do the update automatically for you, but there are times when you should update the virus definition file manually.

For instance, if there is a known virus outbreak on campus, you should update your virus definition file immediately.


Updating the Virus Definition File - Symantec Endpoint Protection

The easiest way to manually update the virus definition file is through the AntiVirus program itself.

1. Right-click the Symantec Endpoint icon (yellow shield with dot) on the system tray in the bottom right corner and choose Open Symantec Endpoint Protection.

 Symantec Shield Icon in System Tray

Open Symantec Endpoint Protection

2. Make sure you are connected to the network.

3. Click LiveUpdate.

 Status Screen for Symantec - select Live Update

4. Wait while Endpoint connects and downloads updates.

 LiveUpdate Express Status screen starts

5. When the update is done, click Close.

 Live Update has completed - click close

Updated on 11/22/2011