Workshop Descriptions

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI - Forms

In this training you will learn how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. Participants will also create and design an interactive form. This session is designed for students, staff, or faculty members who desire to gain necessary skills to create, and edit forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

Classroom Technologies

Come and learn more about the technologies available in the classrooms at Ferris. In this session you will learn how the different technologies that make up a classroom podium work. There will be a brief overview, then you will get some experience of your own.

Creating Accessible Word & PDF Documents

Discover how easy it is to create documents that are accessible on the Internet. In this training you will learn the benefits of making documents accessible, as well as how to use the built in tools available in Word and Acrobat for checking and fixing accessibility issues. 

Formatting in Excel 2013

In this training you will learn how to work with data in various ways in Excel 2013. You will learn how to control worksheet views, chart data in adjacent and nonadjacent cells, format the chart area by changing titles, labels, legends and data series, and use conditional formatting.

iOS Basics

This training will cover the basics of iOS (iPads & iPhones).  We will begin with what each button does, go over the applications that are already installed, and learn how to install new ones.  We will also discuss some uses of the iPad.

iOS for Meetings

Learn how to use cloud-based applications to your advantage to take notes during meetings.

iOS Advanced

Learn how to use some of the more advanced features of your iPad or iPhone.  In this training we will discuss remoting into your PC using your iPad along with using Siri and printing from your iPad.

Mac OS X Mavericks

Learn how to use and customize settings in the Mac OS X Mavericks operating system.


Tips and Ideas on how to improve presentations and slideshows using PowerPoint 2013.

Snagit Image Capture

In this training session, faculty and staff will learn what Snagit is and how to use it to create screen capture snapshots.  Snagit Editor will also be covered in this training.

Snagit Video & Text Capture

Learn how to use Snagit to capture video and text. 

Social Engineering

A one hour class presenting the dangers of Social Engineering.

Students will be shown ways perpetrators gain access as well as vulnerabilities that exist and how to prevent them

Windows 7 Productivity

In this Windows 7 Training, faculty and staff will learn the basics of Windows 7 including how to efficiently use the new tools Microsoft has included and navigate the new design.

Windows 8 Tablets

Learn how to use the Windows 8 tablet operating system.