Increasing Productivity in Windows 7

This series of classes will teach it's participants how to best use Windows 7: Everything from shortcuts built into the operating system, to performing searches and using different web browsers.

Delivery method: Lecture and hands-on. 



Learn how to customize Windows 7 and use shortcuts to increase your productivity.


Learn how to best search your computer and J:/ drives.


To finish out this series, take any one of the classes in the "Don't be the Weak Link" classes. Ensuring that your computer and information are secure will help keep you productive in Windows 7.

What You Need to Know

  • Basics of how to use your computer

What You Will Learn

  • How to navigate the Windows 7 Operating System

  • How to use shortcuts to get to the programs you use most

  • How to spend less time searching for files, emails, and answers to questions
  • How to keep yourself secure on the web.


  • Improve your knowledge and skills

  • Great addition to your resume

  • Show growth on your evaluation

  • Better manage your time