Don't Be the Weak Link

This series of classes were designed to help you develop an understanding of why security is important and how to keep yourself, your information, and the university secure.

Delivery method: Lecture and hands-on.


Antivirus Software

Discover how Antivirus Software works, and take a look at a comparison of some of the top options. 


Get advice on how to create strong passwords and keep your information (and the university's) secure. 

Social Engineering

Learn about the dangers of giving out personal information to strangers and how easy it is for hackers to use information they learn about you to gain access to your confidential files, bank account, etc.

Web Browser Security

Learn how to best protect yourself while browsing the web, along with which browser is recommended for security. 

What You Need to Know

  • Basics of how to use a computer

  • How to surf the Internet

What You Will Learn

  • Why you should care about security

  • Ways that hackers are getting to your information

  • How to keep your computer secure

  • How to create secure passwords


  • Improve your knowledge and skills

  • Great addition to your resume

  • Show growth on your evaluation

  • Keep yourself and information secure