Internet FAQ

Why isn't the internet working?

If the Internet is giving you problems, it may be a result of any one of the following factors:

  • Your computer may not be correctly configured. You can check to see if you have an IP Address. To do this, follow the steps listed below:
    • From the Start Menu, click Run. In the "Open" box, type "winipcfg" and then click OK. The "IP Configuration" box will appear. In the options window, make sure your Ethernet Card is displayed. Then look for a number in the "IP Address Box." It should start with "161.57..."
  • Your connection port may be dead.
  • The switch your computer connects to may be experiencing problems.
  • Your link to the University backbone may be experiencing problems.
  • The University's link to the Grand Rapids link may be down.
  • The DNS could be have failed.
  • It's Thursday evening between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM and maintenance is taking place on the network.


Last updated 3/20/2009