Acquiring Software and Hardware - FSU Employees

Acquiring software and hardware with University funds

  • What software comes standard with my computer?
    • The Desktop Standards group establishes what comes on all computers. Based on your department and your role at the university, you may also have other software applications on your computer.

How can I get the software and hardware I need to do my job?

    • First, contact the TAC to request a quote if you don't know exactly what you need. A technician will work with you to discuss your needs and develop a solution.
    • Then, use the eHSARF (electronic Hardware Software Acquisition Request Form) site to complete needed information. After all approvals are completed through the eHSARF process, your items will be purchased.

  • What about getting items for classrooms?
    • For cables and projector supplies, a department rep can go to the ITS Supplies Store to order items. Contact Stacey Weaver at X5622 for more information and to set up an account.

Acquiring software and hardware for your personal use

  • What software can I get for free?
    • The Home CD web site allows Ferris employees to login and download software available for home use. Click here to see a list of software currently available for download. To access the software, login to MyFSU.

  • What software and hardware can I get at a discount?
    • Several Microsoft products, like Office, and many Adobe Products are available for deep discounts via the STS Store.
    • You may also get Dell equipment and accessories at a discount via our contract with them.

Last modified: 09/05/12