Macbook and Mac: Connecting to FerrisWiFi

Turn on WPA2 in Your Wireless Network Properties

Turing on WPA2 encryption in your network properties will ensure connections to FerrisWifi and FSUNet1.


The FerrisWiFi network requires that notebook devices be registered before successfully connecting to the Internet. Here are the steps to get connected to FerrisWiFi on your Macbook/pro.


1. Look for this symbol in the upper right hand corner of your menu bar and click on it.

Look or this symbol

2. Look through the list and select FerrisWiFi.

Select FerrisWiFi

3. When asked, use the case-sensitive password FerrisWiFi.

Enter FerrisWiFi


4. Once the connection has been made, a check mark should appear to the left of FerrisWifi that you connected to.

5. You are now connected to FerrisWiFi, but if this is the first time you have connected to the FerrisWiFi using this device, you'll still need to register it before being able to access the Internet. To begin the registration process, open up an Internet browser. 

6.  You will see an "Isolation Notice." This notice simply means that you haven't been given access to the network yet.

Isolation Notice

7.  Read and accept the "Proper Use Policy."  Without agreeing to the "Proper Use Policy," you will not be able access the Ferris Network.

Proper use Policy

8.  The "Welcome to the Ferris State University Network" screen will come up. Click Start>> located across from the Students/Employees option.

Ferris University Network

9.  Type in your Ferris Computing ID (MyFSU ID) and password into the boxes of the "User Registration" section and click Login.

Network Registration

10.  You will be taken to a "Success" page with a progress bar. Please wait for the bar to finish before continuing. 

11.  Once the progress bar has completed, you should be successfully registered and able to browse the Internet using FerrisWiFi. If you have any problems or receive a message that you device could not be registered, contact the Technology Assistance Center for help.

Last updated: 02-27-2014