Using your Windows Laptop on the FerrisWiFi Network - Employees

While going though the connecting to the network, if you are asked for an encryption type, select WPA2 encryption.

1. Select the FerrisWiFi from the available wireless networks list on your laptop or netbook. Use FerrisWiFi (case-sensitive) as the password for the wireless system.

2. Open an Internet browser.

3. You will see an “Isolation Notice.” This notice simply means you haven’t been given access to the network yet, and that you need to register your device.

Isolation Notice

4. Read and accept the “Proper Use Policy” agreement. Without agreeing to the “Proper Use Policy,” you will not be able access the Ferris Network.

Proper Use Policy Notice

5. The "Welcome to the Ferris State University Network" screen will come up. Click Start>> located across from the Students/Employees option.

Start Screen for Registration

6. Type in your Ferris Computing ID (MyFSU) and password in the boxes of the “User Registration” section and click Login.

Login to Registration System

7. An “Opening Bradford Persistent Agent.exe” box will appear, prompting you to save the file. Click Save File.

Opening Bradford Persistent Agent

8. This saved file is the Bradford program. Run the program and enter your Ferris Computing ID and password once more when prompted.

Bradford networks login

9. Allow the program to run, and wait until it states that it has completed.

10. You will see a Success screen and a message about your access to the wireless being configured. When it is completed, you will now able to connect to the wireless network and the Internet.

11. Restart your Internet browser and attempt to view a web page outside of the Ferris Network.

If you have any error messages or problems registering a device, remember you can only register five devices.  If you need help, contact TAC.

Last updated: 02-27-2014