Cable Modem Help

If you live in the Cardinal Court or Finch Court apartments, you have a Cable Modem; Type A.  If your Internet/network connection is not working at all, try this to reset the modem:

The cable modem is located in the basement of your apartment, and looks like this:


You will want to try, just once, to reset it by "power cycling" it, meaning you will want to unplug the electric power to the modem, wait for 10 secs, and plug it back in.  If it still doesn't work, contact the TAC.  Let them know you already tried to power cycle it.





If you live in South Campus Apartments, you have a Cable Modem Type B. Look at the modem and note what the lights on it are doing.  If the standby button is lit and the power light is on, press the standby button on the top of the modem.  That should make all the other lights to come on and your connection should be restored.  If that still doesn't work, call the TAC to place a work order.