iPads For Teaching

Teachers at any level are incorporating iPads into their lesson plans. There are all kinds of apps available, from those that help us learn a foreign language, to those that simply make taking attendance easier. For any subject, there is an app that will assist teachers and their students. This help page will cover the basics to get your iPad ready for the classroom and lend some useful resources.

If you want to use multiple iPads or mobile devices on wireless, you must contact TAC well in advance to schedule testing.

In order to create, edit, or even open Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files, you’ll need the those apps:

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If you want to learn more about how to use iPads in the classroom, go to the Faculty Center.


You can send what you see on your iPad to the classroom projector if you get an appropriate external video adapter. Check them out here. In some cases, depending on the projector, not all will work with the high resolution iPads or the video quality may be poor, due to the iPad scaling or compressing the video. Faculty members planning to use an iPad in the classroom should contact TAC.

  • It is important for faculty to have a plan if they want to use iPads in the classroom. This includes testing the wireless capacity in the room.
  • Wireless complications may occur as the number of wireless devices in an area increases.
  • The classroom document camera can be used to show what is on an iPad instead of a VGA adapter cable.

Want to buy an Apple VGA Adapter? See this link:


Apple's iPad Education Page:


Last updated: 03-09-2015