Getting Connected to the Ferris Network on an iPad

Using Wi-Fi on campus

  • To get to the Internet/wireless network using Wi-Fi at Ferris, you will need to prove that you are part of the Ferris community. You will need to enter your Ferris Computing ID (MyFSU) and password.


  • Authentication to wireless (CCA) will expire after 6 hours of steady use or if a device sleeps for more than 5 minutes.


  • iPads trying to use the Ferris network that aren’t authenticated to CCA will not be able access the network and the Internet until authentication is restored.



Using 3G Network


  • For University-owned Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), 25% of the monthly costs of the 3G service require a payroll deduction of the employee that is assigned the device.


  • Department must approve paying for 75% of the costs for 3G access, otherwise the employee must pay the entire cost for 3G access.