DirectSubmit to SafeAssign

The DirectSubmit function within SafeAssign permits the instructor to submit assignments for checking for originality. Text may be copied and pasted into a textbox, or entire documents may be submitted at one time.

As with the SafeAssignment feature, DirectSubmit can be added within the Build tab using the "Add Content Link" button.

  • Click the "Add Content Link" button.
  • Select DirectSubmit from the menu.
  • Click the Create DirectSubmit button.
  • Enter a title for the new content link (e.g. "Submit Assignments").
  • Click the "Add Selected" button.

Using the DirectSubmit feature will not create columns in the grade book.

Submitting Documents with DirectSubmit

From within the Teach tab, click on the DirectSubmit tool link created in the previous section.

There is the option of submitting documents or text in either Private or Shared mode. The private option allows the instructor to submit documents to SafeAssign, the results for which are only available to the instructor. The originality reports for documents submitted through the public tab can be viewed by everyone in the class.

Folders may be created in both the private and public tabs, allowing the instructor to manage documents for various assignments.

Last modified: 01/18/2011